Frequently Asked Questions

~ How do I choose a photographer?

The way to choose a photographer is simple. Find the photographs, that you think are beautiful. Only you can decide, this! What you think is beautiful, is unique to you. Find the images, that feel like home, the ones that feel like you. Then, reach out to the photographer and see how they feel, to you. Trust your instincts and the vibe, you get. All we are is energy, right, and the way ours mixes with others, matters. It either feels good or it doesn’t. Go for the pictures you find the most beautiful and the person that feels good when you communicate. Then, budget for it! Remember, this is a very important detail to spend extra on. There are SO many to choose from, find the one that is just for you!

~ Why spend money on photography?

Why spend that much on photos? We’re on a budget and we can save money by choosing the less expensive photographer. Or, we could ask Uncle to use his camera and Cousin to set up their Go Pro to capture video. Yes, I agree, you can! However, I believe it is essential to budget for someone to capture this moment, for you. Flowers fade, food gets eaten, the details are gone within hours. The one thing that lasts, are the photographs.They are the one thing that can be poured over by your children and grandchildren. They are the one thing that is here long after you are gone. They are eternal. As is true for most things, you really do get what you pay for. Choose a professional to show up and be professional, and to give you something timeless, to last generations

~ Do you Photoshop the images?

I use Lightroom to edit my photos. I do not slim faces and bodies or anything like that. I capture what happened and make it the best version of that.

~ What if it rains? Will we reschedule?

It is very likely, that you could see rain in the forecast. This is often true, for a few minutes, for a small portion of the island. This is usually fleeting and isolated. Maui has over a dozen micro-climates, and it is often the case that it is sunny and dry just a few minutes away. Rain across the island is much more rare, which makes it easy to move locations, at the last minute. It is also common to have the rain stop as quickly as it started. Often, waiting five minutes can be all the difference. No rainbows without rain! It is so worth embracing the weather, here! The drama, that can unfold, is worth a little rain or wind.

That said, if the weather is looking dangerous or unrelenting, we will reschedule or make last minute arrangements. There is always a Plan B, if we can stay flexible and work together. Embracing what is.

~ What time of day, is best?

The Maui Sun is very powerful. It does not take long for the air to warm and the sun to get high. It is important to plan your photo session with that in mind. The best times for the light, which important for the quality of photos, is either first thing in the morning, or just before sunset. The morning has vibrant, sharp colors, deep ocean blues, and sparkling eyes. Evening brings golden, soft, hues, glowing skin, and a dramatic, unique sunset. Both times have their own magic. Choose based on what look you like best, and also. which time feels best to your family’s rhythm.

~ Locations

There are gorgeous places all over the island. I can make recommendations based on where you are staying, what kind of scenery you are looking for, how far you are willing to drive, if you have small children with you, all the things.

~ When will I get my photos?

I will send you a gallery of your edited photos and a link to download them, within two weeks of your session. They will come as high resolution JPEG images, and I will include a print release, so you can print for your home. I do not give out RAW files. I believe in finishing the painting, not just giving the sketch.

~ More questions? Let’s chat.