About Emma Whitney


Photo by Cadence



Hello! Welcome! I know that getting to know someone over the internet is not the easiest and I know that getting a feel for someone before you hire them is important. I think you can know a lot about a person when you understand their perspective and how they see the world, so here’s a little bit about mine.

I see the world through love tinted lenses and walk around with a wide open heart. The little things are what stop me in my tracks; like raindrops hanging off blades of grass, snails crossing my path, and every single dog, cat, and horse, I see. I love connecting with people, even for a brief moment, and I feel so lucky when I am chosen to capture special memories and witness love. I love love! I love being able to mirror the love I see back to people so they can see it in themselves, through the photographs. I am not just talking the romantic kind of love. I am talking about the truly unconditional kind that you can see deep within the eyes and behind the laughter and within an embrace. This is why I do this. Love is all around us, in the darkness and pain and laughter and light. And it is beautiful.

It is my experience that people see what they believe and what they feel, which determines how they see the external world. It is why people can look at the same thing and experience it completely differently. This is exemplified when looking at photos of the exact same subject taken by different people. They not only look differently, they feel differently, because they are seen and felt differently by those taking the photos. This is why I believe it is imperative that you resonate with the images, that a photographer takes. If you are not moved by them, if they do not make you feel, then you have not yet found your photographer. There are so many to choose from, which is wonderful, because then everyone can find their perfect match! I believe that emotional response is what makes a photograph beautiful and memorable . I want to create photographs, that you will look back on and be able to feel what it was like to be in that moment.

I will gently guide our session, when needed, though I am an observer more than a director. I find that being like a fly on the wall gives you the space to be as you normally are, which allows me to capture your true selves. Those are the photos I find to be the most beautiful and treasured. These images last lifetimes, they immortalize moments, they allow us to time travel and relive times passed, they are a piece your story.

If you think I may be the one to capture this time for you, please email or call me at 808.446.0446 so we can connect and create your customized photo session. Sessions start at $500 and are subject to 4.166% Hawai’i State Excise Tax.

So looking forward to meeting you!